Wild Beasts - Wanderlust

I’ve been trying to think up something to write up about this track for a few days now but am still drawing a blank. The tune, the lyrics, the video even! Aaugh! I seriously cannot stop listening to it. To the extent that I literally made a playlist with just this song on it so I could loop it all day. This is how I enjoy music, because I am insane.





so /a/ (the anime board of 4chan if ur some kind of uncultured nerd) decided to form an orchestra in which anyone who owns an instrument plays an anime song and submits it to be edited together and uh

to put it lightly

they sound like a fucking middle school band

so without further comment, here is fly me to the moon

It’s called Orchestr/a/ ya scrub  

this sounds legitimately like the M*A*S*H* intro



[9:50 PM] The Kirakira Killer PV was revealed today! The theme is “a positive world after death”. It gives off a dark fantasy feel 💀 / Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Kira Kira Killer (video)
[9:44 PMThis time around I asked the director Mr. Tamukai to make a PV that starts with me dying. And of course it’s easy to think up a world that’s as yet unknown.
[9:56 PM
In the middle there’s a scene that shows up for a split second where I’m rocking out on a guitar. That part is inspired by Gocchi from AKG [Goto Masafumi from Asian Kung-Fu Generation]. When we were recording Nakata Yasutaka told me to sing the “Kirakira Killer” part like Gocchi in Rewrite so we put that in there.(´-`).。oO(Just ‘cause